Leverage the Power of Your
~ Soul Business Blueprint ~

Design A Business From Your Soul's Blueprint in 8 Weeks

"You hold the key to true abundance & soul-full service. It's all in your blueprint."

Your purpose for living is to
BE who you are...
A confident, unique, shining success!

Your power to make money comes from who you are, not what you do. A soul business thrives on you bring true to yourself, with a carefully crafted offer and marketing message.

Not understanding your purpose limits your potential to have the life that you want…

When you don’t know your purpose, your direction in life, your reason for living, you can’t focus your energy on what will create the greatest possible outcome for you specifically.

It can be a long and painful road without a roadmap…

You’ve spent a lot of money, time and years searching for that perfect fit, that thing that makes your heart sing and start living it every day of your life, but never quite finding it.

Without knowing your unique soul capabilities, you are like a dim light under a blanket…

You attract only SOME of what you want and some of what you don’t want because your message to the universe is muffled. It’s not clear and specific. You hold yourself back from being your greatest self, doing your soul’s work and having all the abundance you could ask for.

Would you consciously choose to dim your light?

When we are searching for our purpose, it is very easy to be led by other people who know theirs. And in your search, you’ve signed up for workshops, courses and therapy sessions to learn bits and pieces about yourself, but not really getting to your core – what makes YOU unique. Taking on another person’s perception of you, or their purpose, won’t give you what you’re yearning for… to feel confident in what makes you special.

It’s all in your blueprint…

We’re all born with a roadmap for our lives. It tells us what we’re here to learn, how we can enrich the world and what will bring us the greatest happiness and abundance. It’s called your Soul Blueprint.

Your Soul Business is Magnetic -
Your tribe is naturally attracted to your unique brilliance

Because the Business Blueprint is a direct reflection of your Soul Blueprint, your business can be built on a rock solid foundation – YOU and your unique gifts and passion. Without this alignment, building your own business can go down many different roads…

…You’ll struggle to attract clients that you love and who energise you with each exchange

…You’ll burnout because you’ll force yourself to do something that goes against your natural flow

…You’ll wake up one day and realise you’re not living your passion

If your business does not reflect who you are, it’s not sustainable.

Your business is meant to be magnetic. You can effortlessly attract clients and money, without force or emotional drain. You can be energised by serving the people you truly, deeply want to help. When you align your business with your soul’s calling, you are in flow with your own abundance formula.

Soul Blueprint + Business Blueprint
Your Unique Formula for Success

Your Soul Blueprint is your unique framework designed to develop your business identity - what makes you stand out in your market. It gives you:

  •  Clarity to market your magical qualities to your potential customers both in person and throughout your marketing copy.
  •  Natural magnetism that attracts your ideal customers, those people that benefit most from your offerings and are more likely to become raving fans.
  •  Confidence in your offers and in knowing your unique place in your market and how best to share your gifts.

Without these things, it’s easy to become lost in the sea of businesses with a diluted marketing message that lets your ideal clients float by.

You also spend more to market your business, rather than powerfully standing in your uniqueness and having your ideal clients find YOU.

Here's how we do it:

Your Soul Business Blueprint begins with 4 Key Ingredients:

Your Purpose

What is your ideal destination?

Your Potential

What are you here to learn + master?

Your Passion

What sets your heart on fire + into action?

Your Sacred Gift

What is your essence at a soul level?

which then become...

Your Tribe

Who are you here to serve with your gifts?

Your Vision

What is your long-term desired impact?

Your Unique Value

What is your market positioning?

Your Offer

What is your solution to their challenge?

Kirstan Flannerywww.birthwise.com.au

I'm loving the strength I feel inside for my purpose and passion. I'm inspired by my soul's blueprint and my business! I look forward to daily working on my business these days and find myself trying to clear my daily schedule so I've more time to do what I love. Thank you!

I was kind of lost in a ocean of confusion about me, my life and career spreading my focus into dozens of projects. Since finishing the program, I can clearly see the big picture, recognising my strengths and weaknesses in order to take action in a successful direction.

Mirko Casagrande Internet Marketing Consultant
Damaris Aramburowww.beunvarnished.com

It has been a blessing to be a part of your "school". As a student, I felt nourished and nurtured with books of wisdom. You have such a unique way of touching souls with your wise insights and well articulated expressions, whether they be through the one-on-one interaction, email, or as a group.

A one-of-a-kind 6-week online program
for Soul-full Entrepreneurs

Whether you're new to business or a seasoned entrepreneur,
you'll be surprised at how this can work for you...

This is not like other online programs where you get lost in the crowd or left to your own devices with mountains of content. The Soul Business Blueprint is intimate and personal, whilst delivering nuggets of business wisdom you need to create a thriving livelihood. Here's what makes it different:

  1. Intimate Group Coaching: You'll learn from 2-3 others and complete this transformational journey together. (Alternatively, for private coaching, click here).
  2. Highly-personalised: You'll receive personal attention & two personalised astrological profiles during the program.
  3. Step-by-step Process: You'll follow a proven framework consisting of weekly focused content + action sheets to compile your blueprints.

Over the space of six powerful weeks we’ll follow a specialised process to delve deep into your subconscious, extract your brilliance and define what it is your soul wants to create:

  •  You'll discover specific techniques to start embodying your unique gifts and help build your personal magnetism to increase the effectiveness of your marketing.
  •  You'll receive weekly actions and templates to refine your skills and how they translate in a commercial setting.
  •  You'll walk away with your own Business Blueprint, which clearly specifies your business identity or brand: your vision, your target market, your products/services and your unique place in the market.
  •  Plus, you'll also receive your Creator Constitution (valued at US$200) to profile your natural creation style based on the Creator Types.

Each week you’ll receive new content and exercises to complete before our online group session. During this group call, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with me directly and ask questions to clarify and refine your blueprint.

Your Investment: US$1,000

Or, 4 payments of US$250
{ flexible payment plans are available on application at no extra cost }

Expect the unexpected:
Your soul business will change you
for the better

And fuel your mission to create an abundant business that
aligns with your lifestyle + natural talents

If your mind is curious + your heart says YES...

Then let's have a conversation to see if this program is a good fit for you.
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Next program starts on 11th March 2019

Email love@sacredbusiness.com.au to register your interest

The Finer Details...

Group sessions are held weekly for 2 hours each at the days/times listed below. Two sessions are available each week – you choose which session you attend based on your availability:

6:00pm Brisbane (AEST) / 8:00am London (BST) / 3:00am New York (EST)

9:00am Brisbane (AEST) / 11:00pm (Thursdays) London (BST) / 5:00pm (Thursdays) New York (EST)

For other timezones click here. If these times don’t suit your timezone, please contact me.

**Please note there are limited places available on this program to ensure each person receives adequate 1:1 time with me on these calls.

Fave1 circleMy Purpose, My Promise

It lights me up to see other souls BE brilliant in their own LIGHT, to be completely confident in who they are and what they are here to share to enrich the lives of others. In other words, I want to see you SUCCEED!

So… If after the first session, provided you have done all the preparation before the session, you don’t feel that this program is for you, I will happily refund your money and wish you well on your way.