TRUE Ecosystem Presents The...

A 6-day Residential Experience In Tribe

Sunshine Coast, Australia

2nd-7th January 2020

Are You Prepared For
The Changes To Our World?

It’s time to gather as Natural Creators to immerse ourselves in tribe, grow our skills of co-creation and plan for the changes to come on our precious planet. 

Now more than ever, we need to combine our expertise, generate collective wisdom and develop skills of the new and natural world. We are being called to live a simpler, natural life on the land, as well as become more conscious of how we are creating on the energetic plane.

Many of us see or sense these changes to some degree but what do we DO about them? How do we evolve with them, managing our daily lives in the uncertain reality that we face?

In the TRUE Ecosystem, we’re being guided to come together in a new way to do things differently because times are different. This Immersion will be unlike anything you’ve ever attended before, partly due to YOUR involvement in it. 

Your hosts for this event, Natalie Kent, Priscilla WHole & Jodie Gahan, are inviting you to contribute your own magickal Creator Type abilities, gifts, knowledge & wisdom in support of the whole and the ecosystem’s plan for the future.

Natalie Kent

Lava-Tree Creator

@ TRUE Ecosystem

A Natural Creator is someone who desires to contribute their gifts to society in the most natural way possible. Rather than creating with the complex technologies and systems of our fast-paced traditional economy, Natural Creators use what is most readily and naturally available as tools for creation, including their embodied creation style, growth cycles and human ecosystems. 

What is TRUE Ecosystem?

We at TRUE Ecosystem have a passion for creating in tribe and by nature, so we can live more harmoniously on Earth. Using natural laws as a guide, the Creator Types help us to understand our natural creation style so we can create with fun and efficiency, both individually and in groups. 

We are a global network of Natural Creators  being called to live a simpler, natural life on the land, combining forces in true cooperation. We have an online platform (like Facebook but better!) and are setting up hubs and local gatherings around the world in the different locations.

Right now, we are a seedling group of founding members who are creating the fertile ground for others to join us.

Let's Join Hands As We
Unlearn, Prepare & Plan
For 5D Living!

For the first time, we will gather at TRUE Ecosystem Headquarters, the HoneyBee Hub in Brisbane, for a weekend of natural creation. Our Hub Custodians, Priscilla Whole and Charlotte Clark, are graciously opening their doors to accommodate this tribal gathering for 5 days. Together we will form a powerful fusion of Natural Creators!

Without coming into a group environment, it's not so easy to understand your natural gifts and what makes you unique. Not only that, your creative power is diminished because on your own, you have to perform multiple roles to create what you desire. The purpose of coming together in tribe is to give you a rich, hands-on experience of your nature in the context of others. In other words, you get to shine in your natural role, and you also get to see the magic of other roles supporting one another.

Priscilla WHole

Soil-Lake Creator

@ TRUE Ecosystem

This Immersion is all about brainstorming what needs to be done and how to put these ideas into action.   We may take away similar actions, but, how those steps are taken will be vastly different for each Creator Type.  Having this deeper understanding of your Creator Types enables you to embody which way works for your nature.

This Immersion is HANDS-ON as we put different ideas on the table, share our resources and see what's possible to create both individually and in cooperation with each other. Gathering in tribe allows your own creations to come to life as you see what's possible together vs alone. Using the Creator Types as our framework for co-creation, we’ll be experiencing new skills and taking action to prepare for the changes to come in 4 main areas...

Tribal Relating

How do we relate & create together in
our tribal roles?

New Finance

How do we leverage & integrate
new & old currencies?

Food Sourcing

How do we grow, share and
preserve food?

5D Manifesting

How do we work with golden energy
to co-create?

Jodie Gahan

Lake-Sun Creator

@ TRUE Ecosystem

The Age of Pisces, where it was every person for themselves, “what’s in it for me?” and also the Age of Deception & Illusion where we blindly believed what we were told, has largely created many of the problems we now face. We’re now in an age where community & tribe, along with Truth seeking are paramount for our survival. We need each other as we wake up, envision and create a brighter world for ourselves and our grandchildren.

Where Are We Gathering?

Heaven In The Hills is located at
Corks Pocket Road, Maleny 4552. 

Nearest airports are:

 Brisbane, Queensland
(1.5 hours drive North to Heaven)

Sunshine Coast, Queensland
(1 hours drive West to Heaven)

What's included?

  • Dates : 5pm Thursday 2nd January to 12pm Tuesday 7th January
  • 5 nights twin share accommodation  with full access to facilities (kitchen, showers, toilets)

  • Delicious organic vegan & vegetarian cuisine prepared by the tribe (yes, that includes you!)

  • Experiential learning with the Creator Types, plus nightly activities

  • Car pooling from nearest airports may be arranged between participants

Other options to consider...

Before the Immersion, all participants will become part of a private group in TRUE Ecosystem where we'll be sharing information to help you prepare and organise your journey. We will also recommend optional add-on services post-Immersion to assist in your integration. 

What's The Investment?

Natural Creator Immersions are held regularly each year for the purpose of gathering the tribe and retaining a strong connection between your business/creation, your body and the land. We intend to keep the pricing accessible for those who wish to attend consistently in different locations. To attend, you simply need to cover the break-even cost of one participant ($450) and Pay From Your Heart (PFYH). This base cost covers all food and accommodation.

The hosts/organisers receive PFYH as a gratitude payment for their energy and time investment from organisation and hosting of the Immersion.

On the final day of the Immersion, we will hold a Pay From Your Heart ceremony, whereby you will be invited to contribute your chosen amount towards the hosts and the continuation of the Immersions.

The 'fine print'

  • A maximum of 5 places are available. Your full payment or your deposit of $150 secures your place.
  • All participants will know their Creator Type prior to attending. Creator Constitution sessions are available at a discounted rate for Immersion participants.
  • Please note that attendance at at least one Natural Creators Immersion will be a requirement for the Creator Type Certification Training to be held in early 2020.

AU$450 + Pay From The Heart

Are you feeling the call to attend?

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