~ 3-day Sacred Business Residential Experience ~

"Natural Creators are the biodynamic farmers of the business world."
~ Natalie Kent, Creator of Sacred Business

Are You Ready To
Plan Your Business IN Nature?

It’s time to gather together on the land, to immerse ourselves in natural beauty, align with the Earth’s rhythms and have some fun planning for the season to come!

In the most stunning location near the peak of volcanic Wollumbin (Mount Warning in New South Wales, Australia) we will gather at the ‘Treehouse’ overlooking the creek running crystal clear from the mountain above.

  • We will welcome each Natural Creator into our circle around the fire and form a powerful fusion of Creator Types.
  • We will explore the deeper purpose of the three business functions and attune with our overall strategy and activities for the season.
  • We will showcase the magic of each of the Creator Types and learn how to embody and create using the creative power of each nature state.
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    We will immerse ourselves in nature as our teacher and experience the wisdom of the elements, plants and animals as guides in business growth.

What is a 'Natural Creator'?

As an alternative to ‘business owner’ or ‘entrepreneur’, a Natural Creator is someone who desires to contribute their gifts to society in the most natural way possible.

Rather than creating with the complex technologies and systems of our fast-paced traditional economy, Natural Creators use what is most readily and naturally available as tools for creation, including their embodied creation style, growth cycles and human ecosystems.

I like to think of Natural Creators as the biodynamic farmers of the business world.

What's the purpose of the
Natural Creators Immersion?

The focus of this immersion is to COMMUNE with the natural environment, the true nature of your business, and each other as fellow Natural Creators. Centred around your Creator Constitution, and in communion with your business deva, you will be planning your business activities for the following season:

  • Learn how to create your way according to the different forces of nature
  • Know your signs of being in flow and out of flow, and the practical techniques to increase your productivity according to your unique creation style
  • Discover nature therapies and shamanic techniques which can help enhance the natural growth of your business
  • Create a simple 3-month business plan that combines flow and structure specifically for your Creator Type

The Immersion will centre around the core Sacred Business teachings: the Sacred Business Skill Set, Natural Cycle Planning (+ planner) and the Creator Types.

What's included?

  • 3 nights sleeping on the land with full access to facilities in the Treehouse (kitchen, showers, toilet)

  • Delicious organic vegetarian cuisine prepared by our in-house food-lovers

  • Business planning workshops, plus quiet time for integration

  • Nightly fun activities to help you get to know and embody the 12 Creator Types

  • Membership to the Business By Nature Tree Program for 3 months

  • Membership in our private Natural Creators Facebook group

​​​​What's NOT included?

  • Flights & transport to venue (airport pick ups can be arranged with other participants)
  • Tent equipment and bedding will be arranged and shared as a group (so not to worry if you have never camped before, you’ll be well looked after)

Where Are We Going?

The Treehouse is located on a private property outside a small town in the hinterland off the coast of the Southern Gold Coast. The property is very accessible by 2WD car and we'll be working together to car pool from Brisbane, Gold Coast and the nearest airport 

Nearest town is Uki, New South Wales
(10 minutes drive from venue)

Nearest airport is Gold Coast (Coolangatta), Queensland
(50 minutes drives from venue)

What's The Investment?

The Natural Creator Immersion will be held regularly each year for the purpose of gathering the tribe and retaining a strong connection between your business, your body and the land. It is my intention to keep the pricing accessible for those who wish to attend consistently, regardless of the stage or maturity of your business. To attend, you simply need to cover the break-even cost of one participant ($550) and Pay From Your Heart.

On the final day of the Immersion, we will hold a Pay From Your Heart ceremony, whereby you will be invited to contribute your chosen amount towards Sacred Business and the continuation of the Immersions.

The 'fine print'

  • A maximum of 12 places are available. Your payment of $550 or your deposit of $200 secures your place.
  • All participants will know their Creator Type prior to attending. Creator Constitution sessions are available at a discounted rate for Immersion participants.
  • Please note that attendance at least one Natural Creators Immersion will be a requirement for the Creator Type Certification Training to be held in late 2019.

Your Investment:
AU$550 + Pay From Your Heart

Or, 3 payments of AU$200 + PFYH
{ flexible payment plans are available on application at no extra cost }

Are you are feeling the call to attend?

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