What Is A Sacred Business?

A sacred business is JOYFUL as it it reflects our soul’s most magical gifts.

A sacred business is MEANINGFUL as it contributes to the wellbeing of our community.

A sacred business is SUSTAINABLE as it grows organically in tune with the laws of nature.


A sacred business QUESTIONS the ‘status quo’ of how money is generated and circulated on this planet.

Sacred Business Means True Abundance

What A Sacred Business is NOT…

As sacred entrepreneurs, it is important for us to shed light on the business practices that don’t reflect truth and love. When we begin to see the truth about how money is promoted from a place of fear, we can open our hearts to a new way of doing business.

Here are just some examples I’ve noticed, particularly in the online business world…

The ‘SALES PYRAMID’ of the Coaching Industry – high-prices create an endless flow on effect of coaches feeling pressured to charge high prices just to recover the costs they’ve invested in mentors themselves.

What about letting our own intuition decide what prices we charge?

The PROLIFERATION of Technology Without HEART – the ‘more faster better’ mentality and how we have lost perspective on simple, slow, organic growth.

What is actually needed for us to thrive together on this planet?

The HYPE of Entrepreneurship – creates unrealistic expectations of what it takes to build a business, not many speak of the lows, it’s all about highs and benefits.

What about being honest about what it really takes to be an entrepreneur?

The JUSTIFICATION of Living a 6- or 7-Figure Life – more money affords luxuries to which we are entitled, but what is the real cost of being more self-sufficient and devoid of dependency?

How much of that money is creating greater separation?

The INFLATION of Value – over-exaggeration of the worth of products/services in order to sell them, including the use of one-sided testimonials and bonuses that could actually be included in the product itself.

What about valuing what we offer enough, so we don’t have to inflate it?

The SHALLOWNESS of Content – creating content for the sake of it, including making videos etc just to be seen to be creating something, without the actual value to our audience in mind.

What about letting our creations ripen and release them only when they have reached full power?

The ENDLESS QUEST for More Clients – trying to get more customers over truly serving the ones we already have is exhausting and not taking care of our community.

What about investing our time and energy in a smaller number of people for longer?

The Ubiquity of SELF-PROMOTION – everywhere online people are competing for the limelight to gain recognition and new business.

What about promoting others more than yourself and letting your raving fans do most of it for you, because they WANT to?

The Selling of FALSE PROMISES – so many products and services are bought because of promises that are made to consumers (or at least the impression of promises) which simply can’t be fulfilled.

What if we could accept that we may sell less but with better results for our customers?

The HIDDEN Intention of Giving – that whenever something is given in business, a free session or download etc, there is a subtle expectation of return, a sale in disguise.

What about the natural urge to be generous to someone with absolutely no expectation of return?


So What’s The Alternative?

Here’s the challenge for many sacred entrepreneurs: when you need to earn a living, but you’re not money-driven, how do you build a business?

What you ultimately want is to actualize your true potential and live in abundant flow with life.

But… often it feels like you almost have to CHOOSE between lifestyle and money, right?

Well, there is good news!


There IS a way to build a business with heart and soul…

profile-fullbodyI’m Natalie Kent, creator of the Soul Business Blueprint and the Sacred Money Blueprint.

In 2013, I left a well-paid job because being under fluorescent lights all day didn’t feel like living, and deep down knew that I had something more inside me to offer this world.

Through trial and error, I tapped into my soul’s blueprint, a way of articulating and igniting my true self.

With time, it turned into the business I run today, which is based on teaching 3 key skills of conscious business:

  1. SELF-MASTERY ~ Understand and master your personal gifts and style of creation
  1. MONEY FLOW ~ Create a sustainable revenue model that allows you to flourish living your desired lifestyle
  1. CO-CREATION ~ Learn how to co-create with the Earth, the soul of your business and your tribe.

These days, I spend half my time teaching my signature business programs, online, and the other half exploring beautiful places in nature, offline.

To me, soul-full business is an essential part of healing our world.

To find out more about how you can create your own sacred business, take a look at the Sacred Business Manifesto and see if it rings true for you!



Love People. Love Nature. Love Money. We Can All Thrive Together.