Sacred Business Means True Abundance

You CAN Build a Successful & Sacred Business

WITH Your Heart & Soul!

You’ve started a new business because you want to make a difference in the world. But no one has told you about the tug of war between your heart and the need to generate money, to sustain yourself.

You totally get that in order to have a sustainable business you need to sell… but it’s a lot harder in real life than it may sound, because:

  • You’re afraid that in order to build a PROFITABLE business you have to sell your soul…
  • You’re holding back your WISDOM in order to fit into a society that doesn’t seem to share your values and integrity…
  • You’re worried (deep down) that MONEY will change you, and make you a bad person…

So you’re here, because you’re looking for answers to honour your vision of building a sacred business – without losing your heart & soul along the way.


You can have it all… your heart, your soul and your financial freedom.

  • You CAN create true abundance, by tapping into your soul’s blueprint and elevating your creative self-expression.
  • You CAN build a sustainable business based on your values and ideals, without having to subscribe to the status quo or being pushed into a box.
  • You CAN share your wisdom, and your brilliance with a tribe who cherishes you, supports you and loves you… because there are people out there right now who need you more than you realise!
  • You CAN be consciously wealthy, without succumbing to destructive business practices.

The world needs conscious soulful people like you to become wealthy, so that money is directed to activities that support the wellbeing of people and the planet. That’s what makes Sacred Business stand apart from conventional business. It’s all in the Sacred Business Manifesto.


You CAN build a business from your soul’s purpose. It’s exactly what I did…

profile-fullbodyI’m Natalie Kent, creator of the Soul Business Blueprint and the Sacred Money Blueprint.

I left a well-paid job because it didn’t make my heart sing. I learned from trial and error how to tap into my soul’s blueprint, and now I use my unique gifts to empower other entrepreneurs to build $100K+ sacred businesses so that they can honour their soul’s calling and teach, travel, be in nature, and contribute to their own soul-ful communities.

I use my business as a vehicle to help spiritual entrepreneurs extract their unique wisdom and gifts. I teach you how to design a business that thrives (not just survives). And I can show you my practical and intuitive business skills to:

  • Create a profitable business, as a vehicle to share your wisdom…
  • Build a sustainable business, for a lifestyle of total freedom…
  • Design a business that enables you to influence social and environmental change for a better world

With these skills, you can fulfil your heart’s calling and honour your values and ideals, live abundantly and funnel money back into the causes and projects you wholeheartedly believe in.

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When you stop giving and offering something to the rest of the world, it’s time to turn out the lights.” ~ George Burns